Changing the way we change the world

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  1. Diane Dopkin

    Very pleasing colors, and I really like that clean font. The logo itself is cool, but the Mayan connection would be totally lost on me without your explanation. However, the meaning behind it seems very apropos. Congratulations!

  2. If I am correct it can be printed with two colors, rather than full color, which cuts the cost of letter head a bit. It’s look is fabulous, even without the back story. When the story is known the logo serves as a touchstone to your mission. That’s great since no one looks at their mission statement on a daily basis, but you will see it in code countless times every day. Good work!

  3. Sandi

    Thanks for the back story. Really interesting. The design is great. The logo has that feeling of a Mayan hieroglyph and the type face is very modern. For me it says you are bringing the old world into the new world. It is very clean and the colors, of course, bring in the water. Great job.

  4. Shirin

    Loved watching this evolve Susan and congrats on a meaningful and artistic logo! Great backstory too — truly serendipitous! Thanks for sharing — can’t wait to watch the company’s evolution and impact too. Warmly,

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