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Independent evaluators recommend funding COCEPRADIL

The first Accountability Forum focused on the evaluation of COCEPRADIL (Central Committee for Water and Comprehensive Development Projects in Lempira), a local NGO in Lempira, Honduras that has been implementing water and sanitation programs for over 20 years. Over one week in December 2011, independent evaluators and peer organizations evaluated COCEPRADIL based on 22 criteria of program effectiveness. We also considered the likelihood of continuing long-term service provision. Though this first Forum served as a pilot for the criteria and the evaluation process (including survey instruments and study format), the evaluation of COCEPRADIL provided valuable information on their credibility as an organization as well as lessons that can be shared from both their successes and current challenges.

Bottom line: future funding for COCEPRADIL is highly recommended, particularly for “software” such as training, which is often challenging to secure funding for, yet is key to COCEPRADIL’s continuing success.

Read the full report here: Accountability Forum Evaluation Report Dec 2011

Summary of Results

As shown in the table below, COCEPRADIL meets or exceeds basic standards for 21 of the 22 criteria.There are 11 variables where COCEPRADIL meets high expectations (blue), 10 variables where they met the basic expectations (green) and only one (1) where they do not meet basic expectations (yellow).

Based on numeric scores associated with “meets high expectations”/blue (3), “meets basic expectations”/green (2) and yellow and red (0), COCEPRADIL scores 53 points out of a possible 66.

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