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10 un-FAQs: Questions Donors Should Ask More Frequently

Below are “10 un-FAQs”; or 10 questions that donors should ask charitable organizations (and development professionals should ask themselves) more frequently before embarking on water and sanitation projects.

un-FAQ 1: Why do people want a safe water project? (or what do they really want instead?)

un FAQ 2: What happened before you got there?

Many water systems fail. Instead of blindly rehabilitating or replacing failed systems, let’s figure out why they failed and make sure we don’t repeat those mistakes.

un FAQ 3: Are you the best organization to help?

un FAQ 4:  Is the technology you are planning to use appropriate?

un FAQ 5:  How much will it really cost?

un FAQ 6:  Who else is working in this area?

un FAQ 7:  Who should pay for it?

un FAQ 8:  Could your money be better spent on something besides a project?

un FAQ 9:  What impacts can you expect?

un FAQ 10: What happens after you leave?

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