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10 Lessons about WASH from the Stone Family Foundation

By Susan Davis, Executive Director

I just read How to Spend a Penny, 10 lessons from funding market-based approaches in water, sanitation and hygiene, recently published by the Stone Family Foundation. I liked what they had to say, and share a summary below.

1. There are no silver bullets in WASH

2. WASH is much more than toilets and taps

3. We need to build demand for WASH by understanding what customers want

4. Households are often able to pay for WASH, but this can be easily undermined

5. We need innovative financing solutions to improve households’ ability and willingness to pay for WASH

6. Market-based approaches in WASH exist—but more often than not are still nascent

7. Lack of high risk capital is holding the WASH sector back

8. Market-based approaches in WASH need to resist the temptation to scale too fast

9. The WASH sector is under-funded, and philanthropic funds are a limited but precious resource [I will add an editorial note here that this is one of the big reasons that we need to understand and address the rampant failures across the sector.]

10. WASH is not a sector for quick wins

You can read the full report here.

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