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The Water Data Point Exchange needs your input!

By Susan Davis, Executive Director

working groupI am a member of the Water Point Data Exchange (WPDx) working group along with the others whose logos show at left. The video from the recent “Sharing is Caring” webinar about WPDx is now available here, and the slides are available here.

Following the webinar, we have had a great initial response on the online standard. It has been reviewed and commented on by individuals around the world,

But we need your help to get even more input before public comment ends on March 15.  We invite you to take the next step and help shape how water point data is shared.  Please share your feedback on the draft standard for the Water Point Data Exchange. We are working to collaboratively develop this standard to allow governments, service providers, NGOs, and researchers to easily share their water point data. Ultimately, we need your help to develop a standard you will want to use. Please take a moment to review the standard and let us know what ideas, feedback, or questions you have.

Sharing your comments will only take a few minutes.

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