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Malawi Visit Update 2 – WASH in Healthcare Facilities

By Susan Davis, Executive Director

One of the hospitals in the CCAP Malawi network

On Thursday, Daniel Nyirenda of CCAP Malawi and I met with Arabella Hayter of the World Health Organization. We learned about how the WASHFIT tool has been launched and used in various countries.  Highlights below:

  • WASHFIT has been launched in Chad, Laos, Liberia, Madagascar, and Mali. This week it was discussed as a part of a quality of healthcare event in Malawi.
  • Mostly the assessment piece of WASHFIT has been done in smaller facilities.  The application of the tool is flexible for the needs of the users.  WHO wanted to focus on the smallest (and potential most at-risk) first. But Laos will be piloting in in-patient hospitals.  WHO has been  asked for both WASHFIT “light” and “plus” versions. 
  • Right now the tool is not specific to different types of wards, but WHO has hired a consultant who was a midwife to develop indicators for WASH in maternity settings.  The tool might need to be adapted locally to consider cultural practices (e.g., in parts of Malawi and other countries, it is a custom for some families to take the placenta home after childbirth). 
  • WHO is developing an evaluation of the WASHFIT tool with CDC, and would like to link evaluations from different countries together.  There is already a simple questionnaire in the back of the WASHFIT guide for users to evaluate it. 
  • WHO has not worked with private healthcare facilities, only government-run ones.  Arabella said they would be interested to hear more about CCAP Malawi’s experience using WASHFIT.

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