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Project Tap In – a collaboration with Improve International and The New School Atlanta – wins Fulcrum Award

Excerpts from the Southface press release

Grace Payne representing the 10th grade students and Daisy Gould (11th grade) were part of the team accepting the award

“Atlanta, GA – March 9, 2017 – Southface has long understood the value of partnership in creating sustainable homes, workplaces and communities. With a call for “Raising Consciousness, Tipping the Balance,” the Southface Fulcrum Awards program was designed to recognize people, programs, buildings, movements, organizations and more that all demonstrate excellence in pursing Southface’s vision: a regenerative economy, responsible resources use and social equity through a healthy built environment for all. The second annual awards were presented yesterday at Southface’s 19th annual Greenprints Conference.

Southface solicited a diverse panel of jurors who are leaders in equity, environmental policy, community planning and architecture…

Project Tap In:
Project Tap In is a citizen-science project that encourages better decision making about water at the consumer and service provider levels. With the help of organizations in Atlanta, the initial work was completed by a group of 15, tenth grade students under the supervision of Ashley Rutland and James Watson with The New School Atlanta and project advisor Susan Davis. The project engages the community in an important conversation about water using educational materials and resources. The students are developing multimedia campaigns to encourage students in Atlanta to regularly test water quality in their homes and submit results to a central database.

In recognition of this being a citizen-science project, rather than simply a student-science project, and because it engages the wider community in this important conversation, Project Tap In inspired the jury to create a new category—Next Generation….”

Read the full article here.  You can view a video about the project here. If you are interested in being a speaker, sponsor, or school as we expand the program, contact us!

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