Changing the way we change the world

About Us

Why We’re Here

Improve International was founded in 2011 to find ways to improve the responses to the water and sanitation crises. We envision a world where all people have high quality water and sanitation services for life, and for generations. In this vision:

  • Water and sanitation customers have a voice in how interventions are designed, implemented or supported over time.
  • Water and sanitation organizations work with governments and each other and measure success by how many customers have water and sanitation services over time. They collect and share data on what works.
  • Donors see the value of investing in people, not just hardware, and in investing in systemic change over time, not just short-term projects.
  • Researchers spend less time justifying why people need safe water and good toilets (we already know this because many of us couldn’t imagine life without these things) and more time figuring out how to help them get and keep those services.

To achieve this vision requires us to change the way we are trying to change the world. International water and sanitation organizations and funders will need to think and work in new ways.

Our Mission

Improve International will shift the behavior of donors and international development organizations towards more sustainable strategies and practices by uncovering, curating, translating and sharing information to improve the responses to the water and sanitation crisis.

What We Do

Improve International plays a unique role in the sector. We don’t do water projects, we don’t fund water projects, we just try to make them last forever. With a focus on accountability, learning, and innovation, we help improve the work and coordination of international development organizations and donors focused on addressing the worldwide water and sanitation crisis.

  • We advise donors.
  • We provide research and strategic consulting to international development organizations.
  • We try to make evidence on what works (and what doesn’t) un-ignorable.

Our Manifesto

Let's change the way we change the world.

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“Improve International’s blog is a good resource for updates and comments on WASH sector developments. Following discussions at World Water Week in Stockholm, they created a simple summary table on their blog to show the common elements across some of the different frameworks…” Stephen Jones, Webwatch, Waterlines Vol. 33, No. 1. January 2014

“In the absence of global sector monitoring that tracks slippage and actual levels of service delivered there is a useful repository on references for non-functionality available at the Improve International website.” Catarina Fonseca, Crossfire, Waterlines Volume 32, Number 4, October 2013
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